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Simula to be Featured in Dateline NBC's Passenger Train Crash Test Story On April 4

  Simula Inc : Monday April 3, 2000
A nationally-televised Dateline NBC story on the Federal Railroad Administration's passenger rail car crash test program will feature the role of Simula as a key contractor in the crash test experiments. The story will air nationwide on Tuesday evening, April 4.
The Dateline NBC story focuses on Tuesday morning's scheduled full-scale, two-car passenger rail crash test at the Transportation Technology Center in Pueblo, Colorado, as well as a review of the first-ever passenger railcar crash test that was performed at the same facility in November 1999.

To acquire an expert evaluation of November's crash test, Dateline NBC visits Simula at its Phoenix headquarters to review the test results with Joseph Coltman, Vice President of Simula. Coltman offers commentary on the instrumentation and high-speed filming of ten crash dummies that were seated in the railcar interior for the test.

The crash test is part of a series of tests and projects comprising the Federal Railroad Administration's program to improve the safety of train passengers and crewmembers. The Volpe National Transportation Systems Center serves as test program administrator. Simula, Inc. a company with an extensive history of crash safety experience in all modes of transportation, was chosen as a project team member to lead the investigation of the train's occupant safety issues.

Additional information about Simula can be found at its web site,

The April 4th airing of the Dateline NBC story is dependent on the scheduled completion of the rail crash test on Tuesday morning in Pueblo, CO. Adverse weather conditions or technical difficulties may cause a postponement of the test, in which case the segment may not run

Source: Simula Inc.

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