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Train safety - government pledges "cost will be no object"

Annanova   : Tuesday October 10, 2000
The Government has pledged that cost will be no object in bringing in the best train protection system.
The promise comes from Transport Minister Lord Macdonald ahead of a meeting on safety between ministers and survivors of last year's Paddington rail crash.

Survivors say they feared a stop-gap system likely to be chosen would prove so expensive to introduce that a better system would be shelved.

A report from top engineer Sir David Davies earlier this year said Train Protection Warning System (TPWS) could be introduced more quickly than the more-sophisticated and costlier Automatic Train Protection (ATP) system that Paddington survivors favour. Both systems would cut down the instances of trains passing through danger signals. It was a train going through a red signal that was the cause of the Paddington crash in October 1999.

Lord Cullen, who is chairing the Paddington crash inquiry, and Professor John Uff, who headed the inquiry into the 1997 Southall train crash, are currently holding a public inquiry into train protection.

Annanova: Money 'no object in train safety' 10/10/2000
BBC Online: Prescott pledges 60bn for rail safety 10/10/2000

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