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Youths firebomb commuter train

  :Tuesday February 22, 2000
A train was attacked with petrol bombs as it was leaving a station near Brighton yesterday (21 February).
The bombs, consisting of bottles filled with petrol with burning rags in the top were hurled at the train which was carrying 50 passengers. One smashed a window showering an elderly man with glass. The other two bounced off the train.

A fire wich started as a result of the attack was extinguished by the conductor. Both he and the injured passenger were taken to hospital.

Police believe that three or more youths were responsible for the attack. The police are examining video tape from closed circuit TV cameras in the hope of establishing the culprits' identities. They are also conducting house-to-house enquiries.

Connex, the train operator said that they would press for "highest possible penalties" for the culprits". The offence carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

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Web sources:
UK police hunt youths after train firebombed
AltaVista 22/02/2000

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