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HSE hosts rail industry seminar on new safety case regulations

HSE : Thursday December 14, 2000
TMore than 100 directors and senior managers from the rail industry attended the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) seminar today, to discuss the requirements of the new Railways (Safety Case) Regulations 2000 which comes into force at the end of this month.
HSE believes that the regulations will have a significant impact on improving railway safety and form part of the wider 'modernising government' agenda. The timetable for introducing the regulations has been tight and the submission deadlines for the industry are phased but equally demanding.

Vic Coleman, HM Chief Inspector of Railways said:

"This is a challenging time for everybody in the railway industry. Clearly it is important that HMRI works with the industry to help it meet the step change in safety standards demanded by the travelling public. I see these Regulations making a substantial contribution to this change."

The delegates heard a number of senior HSE staff explain the background to the regulations, how HSE would operate the new safety case regime and make sure the industry delivers improvements in safety performance. Industry representatives from Railtrack Plc, London Underground Limited and Railway Safety also gave their view of the Regulations.

However the impact of the regulations goes beyond the safety case acceptance process as Dr Bob Smallwood head of HMRI's field force recognised: "The safety cases will be one of the key drivers which informs HMRI's inspection activities. We will be seeking to ensure that the safety cases underpin and inform all key decision making which impacts on the management and delivery of safety of railway operations."

HSE is seeking the industry's opinion as to how else it can assist with the introduction of the Regulations.

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