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Cameras to be installed at rail crossings

  : Wednesday March 15, 2000
Cameras are to be installed on many of Britain's rail crossings in a new safety campaign.
The cameras, which will be installed in a number of locations on the mainline from London to Cardiff and in the Thames Valley and Yorkshire will monitor motorists at potentially dangerous crossings. Those caught trying 'to beat the train' face fines of upto £250. Drivers who are involved in near-miss incidents could be imprisoned for 2 years for dangerous driving.

Around sixty accidents occur on level crossings each year. Statistics for 1998-99, show that although no train passengers were killed that year, three motorists lost their lives driving across a level crossing as a train was approaching.

The cameras were trialled for two months in Scotland on lightly used roads and rail lines. Twenty-two motorists were prosecuted after being caught on camera ignoring lights and dodging barriers.

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Web sources:
Cameras to trap danger drivers on rail crossings
The Times 14 Mar 2000



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