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Train collides with school bus in Tennessee - 2 children killed

  : Monday March 28, 2000
A freight train collided with a
Tennesee school bus crash
photo: Reuters
school bus on the Tennessee - Georgia border this morning killing two children and seriously injuring five more.
The condition of three of the injured children is reported to be serious. The driver of the bus was also injured. Her condition is described as fair.

The accident occurred as the bus was collecting children around the district on a rural crossing about thirty miles east of Chattanooga. The crossing has no barriers or warning lights. It is however marked with cross bucks to warn motorists.

The train, operated by CSX consisted of thirty-two freight cars. It pushed the bus ahead of it for about 100 yards. Neither of the train's crew of two were hurt.

It is unclear why the bus failed to stop at the crossing. The National Transportation Safety Board has sent a team of investigators to the site. The seven member team is headed by Ken Suydam.

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Web sources:
2 Kids Die As Train Hits School Bus
Yahoo 28 Mar 2000
2 Kids Die As Train Hits School Bus
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Yahoo full coverage
full coverage

National Transportation Safety Board

Operation Lifesaver

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