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Two died under train in Helsinki

  Keith Dawson : Tuesday March 21, 2000
Two people died and one
Finland The accident occurred at Tapanila station near Helsinki
was seriously injured when they were hit by a non-stopping local train at Tapanila station around 15.00 on Sunday (19 March).
The driver of the Kerava-Helsinki train noticed the group of people on the track and applied the emergency brake but 3 people were hit - a man (b. 1973) and a women (b.1957) died at once. A man (b.1966) is in hospital. According to police accounts one man was on the track for some unknown reason and another couple were trying to help him back onto the platform.

Rail traffic was interrupted for an hour while rescue services attended the scene.

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Web sources:
Kolme ihmistä jäi Tapanilassa paikallisjunan alle
Helsingin Sanomat 20 Mar 2000

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