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3 killed as rock fall derails express train

  : Friday March 10, 2000
A rockfall has derailed a passenger train on India's Konkan Railway killing 3 people and injuring 10.
The accident occurred at about 01:50 (local time) on Saturday March 11 as the Kurla-Mangalore Matsyagandha Express was travelling between Sindhudurg and Kankavali stations.

According to some reports 6 coaches were derailed and a falling boulder had crashed through the roof of one of the cars. The train had left Kurla the day before.

As is usual with rail accidents in India, details of compensation have been announced by the railway company. 10,000 Rupees will be paid to the immediate relatives of the deceased and those who were seriously injured will receive 2000 Rupees

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Web sources:
Three killed as Kurla-Mangalore express derails
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3 killed, 12 hurt in Konkan train mishap
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