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Crossing accident near Oulu - 9 hurt

 Keith Dawson/Erik Sandblom : Monday February 14, 2000
An express train and a heavily loaded van were in collision
at Ii about 50 Kilometres north of Oulu, at around 15.00 on Wednesday February 9, 2000.

There were about 60 passengers on the train of which 9 were injured but none seriously. The van driver also escaped injury although the van was wrecked.

The locomotive and one carriage toppled over in the accident. The locomotive span around many times and flew 30 metres into the forest onto its side. The 3 other carriages all derailed but remained upright. The train - from Rovaniemi to Kajaani via Oulu was travelling at about 120km/h when it hit the van on an unguarded level-crossing.

Altogether 18 units took part in the rescue work. Clearance work is expected to continue past midnight during which time buses will replace trains.

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Web sources:
Junaonnettomuus Iin lähellä
09 Feb 2000


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