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Seven dead as trains collide

  4 January, 2000
 At least 7 people have died in a collision betwen 2 passenger trains in Norway today (4 Jan 2000).

Norwegian train collision
photo: Aftenposten

The accident occurred at about 13:30 local time near Lillehammer when an intercity train was in head-on collision with a local train. A locomotive of one of the trains overturned and fire broke out amongst the wreckage.

The death toll has not been confirmed and may rise. Thirty people are said to be missing. It is not certain if they remain trapped in the wreckage or if they were uninjured and left the scene. Forty seven people were taken to hospital, but the extent of their injuries is not known.

One of the trains involved was southbound from Trondheim and the other was en route from to Hamar. The trains were carrying about 96 people.

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