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Indian Railways to get Automatic Train Control

  David Fry : Wednesday February 9, 2000
Automatic Train Control (ATC) is to be

Indian Railways
installed on about 15,000 route kilometres of Indian Railways.

A recommendation by India's National Railway Safety Commission to install the equipment over a seven year period has been accepted by the government.

The decision follows the accident at at Gaisal on 2 August 1999 when the Bramaputra Mail and the Avadh Assam Express were in head-on collision. The final death toll in this accident reached 286.

A pilot project to equip about half of the main line between Delhi and Mathura Junction is due to be put out to tender. This will involve signalling and lineside equipment as well as some 40 locoomotives.

Following an evaluation period, to establish the viabilty of the system, the first routes to be equipped will be between Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. This will involve about 9,500 route kilometres. Other routes will then follow.

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Web sources:
India to install ATP on 15,000 route-km
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Indian Railways

Basic Description of Train Protection Systems

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