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Historic trams collide in Llandudno

  : Sunday April 30, 2000
Two trams collided on the historic Great Orme
Great Orme Car #4
photo: Simon Robinson
Car No 4 on the Great Orme Tramway
Tramway at Llandudno, Wales injuring 17 people today (30 April)

The accident occurred at a passing loop above Halfway Station. Neither of the two cars, which were each carrying about 40 people was derailed. According to a BBC report, the accident was caused by a problem with points.

The tramway has been closed temporarily while an investigation takes place. This is to be conducted by the Health and Safety Executitve.

The tramway was opened in 1902 and is today a tourist attraction. It is cable operated and transports passengers from the town of Llanduno, past the Great Orme copper mine to the headland.

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Web sources:
Inquiry into tram crash
BBC Online 01 May 2000
Tram collision injures 17 passengers
BBC Online 30 Apr 2000


The Great Orme Tramway - Photographs by Simon Robinson

UK Tramways Website

Great Orme Bronze Age Copper Mine

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