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ICE trains withdrawn following derailments

  : Friday March 3, 2000
Deutsche Bahn has withdrawn its entire fleet of
photo: AP
new ICE-T trains after one of them twice derailed in Berlin on Wednesday (1 March 2000).

The incidents happened as an empty train was proceeding to a Berlin workshop facility. It was travelling only slowly at the time and no one was hurt. The train was re-railed but came off the track once it began moving again.

The Intercity Express-T units are DB's latest high speed trains designed with tilt technology to travel at speeds of upto 140 mph. They are built by Bombardier with the tilting system supplied by Fiat and electronics by Siemens. The current fleet consists of 10 units, but a total of 40 have been ordered.

Bombardier are investigating the derailments to try to discover whether it was the trains or the the track that was at fault.

In June 1998 an earlier version of the ICE trains was involved in Germany's worst accident since WW2. This train became derailed at 125 mph and collided with a bridge bringing it down on top of the train. A broken wheel was blamed for the accident which killed 101 people.

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Web sources:
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Germans Orders Trains Checked
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