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Passenger train narrowly misses concrete block placed on track by vandals

Annanova : Monday October 23, 2000
A passenger train has been forced to make an emergency stop to avoid hitting a concrete block placed on the line by vandals.
No-one was hurt in the incident - less than a week after the Hatfield derailment - which happened around 12.30pm close to Derby Road station near Felixstowe, Suffolk.

A spokesman for the British Transport Police: "Initially it was thought that the train had actually hit the concrete but now it seems that the brake was applied before that happened." The BTP spokesman added that passengers had been forced to leave the train, the 12.10pm Ipswich to Felixstowe service run by Anglia Railways. An investigation has been launched and officers are treating the incident as "very serious".

Annanova: Train makes emergency stop to avoid concrete block 23/10/2000

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