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Investigators deny accident fault established

  :Friday March 3, 2000
Investigators have denied

photo: BBC
reports that they have determined the cause of last month's train crash near Cologne.
A report in Germany's Focus magazine says that investigators believe that the train driver bore the majority of the responsibility for the accident in which 8 people were killed.

The investigation into the accident is contimuing. Investigators ned to establish if their had been a breakdown in communicating details of a speed restriction to the train driver. They are still awaiting reports from German Federal Railways and for statements from witnesses.

The crash occurred on 6 February, 2000 at Brühl station near Cologne. An overnight train from Amsterdam to Basle left the tracks, plummeted down and embankment, demolishing a garage and a balcony of a private house and narrowly missed crashing into another house.

Data from the train's event recorder showed that the train had been travelling at about 122 km/h when the derailment ocurred. A speed restriction of 45 km/h was in force at the time.

The driver of the train is being treated for shock and so far has not been able to provide his version of events.

Ninth person dies
A nineth person died yesterday (2 March) from injuries sustained in the accident. This latest victime had both legs amputated after the crash.

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Web sources:
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Yahoo 03 Mar 2000


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