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Train crash kills 7

  : Sunday February 06, 2000
An overnight, international train derailed
photo : AP
and fell down an embankment near Cologne, Germany killing 7 people and injuring 105.

The train, an overnight sleeper between the Netherlands and Switzerland was carrying about 300 people. The accident occurred at about 00:15 at Bruehl on the outskirts of Cologne.

The 9 car train was negotiating a series of crossovers when it became derailed. One of the carriages was crushed against a post at the foot of the embankment and another crashed into the garage of a house. No one in the house was hurt.

There is no word at present about the cause of the accident

German Train Crash
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Web sources:
Seven Die in German Train Crash
Yahoo 06/02/2000
German Train Crash Kills Seven, Injures 105
Excite 06/02/2000

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Deutsche Bahn (German Railways)

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