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Baltimore light rail crash driver tested positive for cocaine

  : Friday February 25,2000
The driver of a light rail train that collided with the buffer stop at Washington-Baltimore International Airport last week has tested positive for cocaine.
Baltimore LR crash
photo : Washington Post
The driver had told investigators that he was taking prescribed medication.

Testing for drugs is performed routinely after rail accidents. The driver who had worked for Maryland Mass Transit Authority for 23 years was dismissed from his employment.

It was later revealed that he had been involved in at least one previous accident whilst driving a transit authority train. Although no details are available, it was described as "minor".

Last week's accident which occurred on Monday February 13 injured 22 people. Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board found no fault with any of the equipment on the track or the train. They estimated that the train's speed was between 22 and 24 mph at the time of the collision. Passengers on the 2-car train however, said that it seemed to slow down as normal as it approached the station. Investigators found no evidence that "heavy braking" was applied before the crash.

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Web sources:
Drug Use Cited in Crash of BWI Train
Washington Post 23/02/2000
Driver in BWI Train Crash Had Prior Rail Accidents
Washington Post 24/02/2000


National Transportation Safety Board

Maryland Mass Transit Administration

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