Danger Ahead! - Historic Railway Disasters Eschede, Germany - Rescue work completed in Germany's worst rail disaster in fifty years
Historic Railway Disasters
7 June 1998

The Eschede Reports

Eschede, Germany - Rescue work completed in Germany's worst rail disaster in fifty years

Work has has now been completed on extricating the bodies from the crushed restaurant car of the high-speed train which was wrecked after colliding with a bridge near Eschede on Wednesday June 3rd. The death toll in the Munich-Hamburg express is now thought to be ninety-five. train was involved in a horrifying accident yesterday. The Intercity Express, ICE 884 completely demolished the bridge bringing it down on top of the speeding train.

The accident is the worst rail disaster in Germany, in terms of lives lost since 1947 when a troop train carrying American soldiers crashed killing 104. Germany's worst-ever rail crash was at the beginning of World War 2, on Christmas Eve 1939 near Genthin.

As an investigation team has searched for clues theories have abounded in the media and on internet newsgroups as to the cause of the crash. The discovery of a train wheel several kilometres before the accident site has prompted a theory that this came from one of the cars of the train forcing the carriage to derail. All of Germany's ICE units have had a speed restriction placed on them of 160km/h (100mph) and a total of forty have been withdrawn from service while they are inspected. These are the earliest to be introduced and amount to forty units in all.

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High Speed Trains by Oliver Keating)

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Press Release (English Translation Babelfish)
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