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Oxford Companion to
British Railway History

J. Simmons, G. Biddle (Eds)

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Oxford Companion to British Railway History :
From 1603 to the 1990s

Simmons, Jack; Biddle, Gordon (Eds)
Oxford University Press

Charts Britain's railway history in its entirety, from 1603 to privatisation in the mid-1990s. With over 600 entries from 88 contributors, which cover social, economic and geographical changes, and identify the key figures of railway development. Illustrated throughout.

Of all the products of the industrial revolution, none left its mark on the landscape of Britain, or changed the lives of the the British people more than the railway. This text provides the whole picture in a blend of the familiar and the unexpected, ranging over the economic, social, cultural, political, and technical history of the railway from its 17th-century beginnings to the 1990s. It contains over 600 A-Z entries, fully cross-referenced and supported by bibliographies, maps, diagrams, tables, and illustrations. At the back are maps of the railway network in 1922, showing company ownership. Other useful appendices include a listing of historical money values from 1825 to 1995, and the 1923 Grouping of Consitutent and Subsidiary Companies as listed in the First Schedule of the Railways Act, 1921.

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