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Historic Railway Disasters
17 April 1998

UK Railway Safety Standards Review

UK's Minister of Transport, Gavin Strang has announced that Railtrack's role in setting and enforcing safety standards on the railway is to be reviewed immediately.

The announcement comes amidst public concern over the large profits being made by railtrack and the safety problems on the railway. Railtrack has received a number of warnings from the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) over the condition of the railway infrastructure and is facing prosecution over track condition at an accident in Bexley, in February 1997, in which four people were injured were injured. The adjourned HSE inquiry into the fatal accident at Southall, near London is likely to examine the condition of track and signalling equipment.

In his announcement, Gavin Strang said:

We are determined to ensure that the privatised companies will not be able to put profit before public safety.
The announcement has overshadowed Railtrack's own pledge to spend 1.7bn over ten years on infrastructure improvements.


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