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05 Dec 98

India - Kurla-Howrah Express derailment kills 8

5 December 1998. The Kurla-Howrah Express was derailed close to the railway station at Nhasawad killing 8 people and injuring 19 others. The train was travelling between Bombay and Calcutta and was close to Jalgaon between the stations at Nahsawad and Shiroli stations when eleven coaches came off the rails. The cause of the accident which occurred at 0541 is unknown. Jalgaon is in the western state of Maharashtra, about 250 miles (400Km) from Bombay

The accident follows India's worst accident in three years which occurred on 27 November. In this disaster, 211 people were killed when the Sealdah Express struck the derailed carriages of the Frontier Golden Mail near Khanna in the northern state of Punjab.

Indian railways carry 11 million passengers in about 14,000 trains each day. The railway is the largest state-owned network in the world. It has a very poor safety record with around 300 accidents recorded each year.

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8 die as Kurla-Howrah Express derails
The Hindu Online 5/12/98
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