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26 Dec 98

India: Rail crossing crash kills 12

26 December 1998, India: Twelve people were killed in a bus that was struck by a train near Dhanbad, Bihar state. The bus was carrying coal miners, employees of Bharat Coking Coal Limited from Bhooli colony for the night shift at Bhansjoda colliery.

The bus had apparently broken down on a level crossing when it was in collision with a freight train. The force of the impact was such that the bus was dragged for a kilometre. Besides those who died, a further 6 occupants of the bus were injured.

It is reported that the bus was waiting at the level crossing where the gates had been closed to allow the train to pass. The occupants of the bus became impatient and took the keys forcibly from the crossing keeper and opened the gates themselves.

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12 killed in India as train rams into bus
CNN 26 Dec 98

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