Moscow Commuter Trains Crash Moscow Commuter Trains Crash
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07 July 1998

Moscow Commuter Trains Crash

Bekasovo, 7 July 1998: Three people were killed when three trains were involved in a collision at Bekasovo Station about 80Km (50 miles) from Moscow.

Wreckage at Bekasovo
Photo: AP
A three-car commuter train for Moscow was standing in the station when it was hit in the rear by another train. The carriages were derailed and a train coming in the opposite direction struck them adding to the wreckage.

It is believed that the train that hit the stationary train may have overun a danger signal.The driver of this train was amongst those who died. The others were drivers of the oncoming train. Six passengers were injured.

(In a contradictory report on Russian TV, the crash was said to have occurred as a result of a train hitting a vehicle that was on the line.)

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