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Train carrying empty nuclear flasks derailed
02 Mar 2001
SELBY: Crash death toll "may be lower"
02 Mar 2001
UK: Selby-13 dead in Selby train crash
28 Feb 2001
UK: Several feared injured in Yorkshire train crash
28 Feb 2001
COMMENT: Push - Pull - the Hidden Dangers
by R H State
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Seven days . . .

. . . web focus on rail accidents and rail safety

Archive October 2000

n.b. Some articles may have expired and no longer be available, or may be obtained only upon payment of a fee to the news provider
Railtrack gets 15bn to renew network
Electronic Telegraph 24 OCT 2000
THE railway industry was given a 15 billion injection yesterday as ministers sought to rebuild the ageing network and crumbling passenger confidence.
Tom Winsor, the rail regulator, said the five-year spending plan heralded "a rail renaissance".He said there could be "no excuses" for Railtrack not to make the railways both safer and more efficient. But the company said that the need to close track for repairs, made more urgent after the Hatfield crash, would penalise it for not meeting punctuality targets.
LIRR Fire Delays Port Jeff Branch
Newsday.com 24 OCT 2000
Thanks Ian Pirrie

A fire broke out in a diesel-electric train just west of the Huntington Long Island Rail Road station, tying up the Port Jefferson line for about an hour and a half and affecting most of the 17,000 passengers who use the line during evening rush hour.
There were no reported injuries, and the fire did not spread to passenger cars on the train, railroad and fire officials said last night.
LIRR spokesman Sam Zambuto said the train was the eastbound 4:19 p.m. from Penn Station, due to arrive in Port Jefferson at 6:05 p.m. He said the fire in the dual-mode locomotive, which has both diesel and electric motors, was under investigation yesterday.
Lack of maintenance causes derailments: Katter
ABC 20 OCT 2000
The Federal Member for Kennedy claims massive cutbacks to the maintenance of the northern inland rail line has led to a record number of derailments.
This week's accident near Hughenden, where wagons carrying hundreds of tonnes of fertiliser were thrown from the track, is this year's third major derailment on the line between Mount Isa and Townsville.
Bob Katter says State Government has axed about 75 per cent of Queensland Rail maintenance staff along that route in the past year.
79 mph trains raising new safety worries in NH towns
Union Leader Correspondent 16 Oct 2000
There were 3,489 railroad-crossing accidents in the country last year. In 402 of them people were killed.
New Hampshire was fortunate to have only six mishaps, none of which resulted in death. But with the advent of high-speed trains carrying passengers from Boston to Portland next spring, some town officials are worried that their luck may run out.
Starting in April, trains traveling at speeds of up to 79 mph will cut through the southern New Hampshire countryside, making stops in Exeter, Dover and, on weekends, in Durham.
In between, the trains will cross 14 roads in communities that have grown accustomed to the passage of lumbering freight trains whose average speed is a sedate 20 mph.
Educating the public to the dangers associated with the faster trains is a top priority for the state Department of Transportation and for Maine transportation officials, who have been working on implementing the rail service for almost 10 years.
Southbound Amtrak collides with truck killing the driver
postnet.com 11 Oct 2000
An Amtrak train bound for St. Louis struck a pickup truck at a rail crossing Wednesday, killing the driver.
The State House, coming from Chicago, was traveling 79 mph when it struck the pickup at 5:12 p.m. about 30 miles southwest of Joliet. The driver was alone, the Will County Sheriff's Department said.
The driver, a 47-year-old man, has not been identified, the sheriff's department said. Vehicle registration shows the owner being a resident of Reddick, authorities said.
The truck was ripped apart with the passenger compartment still lodged to the locomotive when the train came to a stop three quarters of a mile away from the crossing.
Engineer in train wreck fired
Chicago Sun Times 11 Oct 2000
A Metra engineer was faulted Tuesday for a July 21 collision that delayed commuters for hours but caused only minor injuries.
The longtime employee of the commuter rail agency, whose name was not released, has been "terminated," Metra spokesman Frank Malone said.
The SouthWest Service Line train was departing Union Station and struck an inbound Burlington Northern-Santa Fe commuter train in the railyard just outside Union Station. Both trains were moving at very slow speeds.

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