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The following texts have informed the items in Danger Ahead and do not represent a definitive book list on the subject of Railway Accidents. For additional texts, see the Reading List

ALLEN, G.F., 1982, Railways: Past Present and Future, Orbis, London
ELLIS, C.H., 1983, The Pictorial Encyclopaedia of Railways, 2nd Edition, Hamlyn, London
FERNEYHOUGH, F., 1975 The History of Railways in Britain, Osprey, Reading
HALL, S, 1987, Danger Signals: An investigation into modern railway accidents, Guild Publishing, London
HALL, S., 1990, Railway Detectives: 150 years of the Railway Inspectorate, Ian Allen, London
HALL, S., 1997 Railway Accidents, Ian Allen
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KITCHENSIDE, G., 1997 Great Train Disasters: The world's worst railway accidents, Paragon, Bristol
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Rolt, L. T. C., Red for danger: a history of railway accidents and railway safety 1982
SEMMENS, P. W. B., 1994,Railway disasters of the world : principal passenger train accidents of the 20th century, Patrick Stephens
VAUGHAN, A., 1987, Obstruction Danger: Significant British Railway Accidents 1890-1986, Guild Publishing, London


Reading List

The following lists a number of books devoted to railway accidents in Great Britain. Where there is more than one edition, only the latest known is listed.

Bonnett, Harold, The Grantham rail crash of 1906 1978
Coombs, L. F. E., The Harrow railway disaster 1952: twenty-five years on 1977
Currie, James Russell Leslie, The runaway train: Armagh (1889) 1971
Gerard, Malcolm, Rails to disaster : more British steam train accidents 1906-1957 1984
Gooday, Liz, Sourcebook on railway safety 1994
Green, Philip, Britain's greatest railway mystery : the full story of Grantham 1906 1991
Hall, Stanley, Danger signals: an investigation into modern railway accidents 1987
Hall, Stanley, Danger on the line 1989
Hamilton, J. A. B. Trains to nowhere : British Steam train accidents 1906-1960 1981
Hamilton, J. A. B., Disaster down the line : train accidents of the 20th Century 1987
Holloway, Sally Moorgate: anatomy of a railway disaster 1988
Jones, Elwyn Vincent, Mishaps on the Cambrian Railways, 1864-1922 1972
Meacher, Charles, Quite by (railway) accident 1994
Newton, David, Railway accidents 1979
Nock, O. S., Historic railway disasters 1978
Perkins, John, The Tay Bridge disaster 1975
Semmens, P. W. B., Railway disasters of the world : principal passenger train accidents of the 20th century 1994
Thomas, John, The Tay Bridge disaster : new light on the 1879 tragedy 1972
Trains in trouble: railway accidents in pictures 1993
Vaughan, Adrian, Obstruction danger : significant British railway accidents 1890-1986 . 1989
Wells, J. A. Signals to danger : railway accidents at Newcastle upon Tyne and in Northumberland, 1851-1992 1992

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